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Our handmade, food-grade play dough is safe, smells great, and remains soft for very long! That being said, as parents, you are bound to be concerned for the safety of your little ones. And we completely understand. Hopefully, we have addressed most of your concerns below. If you have anything more you'd like to know please contact us and we'd be happy to answer further queries.

1. What is the recommended age for Colour Dough?
Our natural play dough, "Colour Dough", is recommended for children who are 2 years or older. While we do have a lot of customers with younger children who have purchased our handmade clay, we recommend that playtime for young children who are still putting things in their mouth be well supervised. The glitter Colour Dough is recommended for children who are at least three years old. 

2. Is Colour Dough edible?

Colour Dough is lab-tested by an NABL accredited laboratory as 100% food grade. All the ingredients we use are food grade ingredients, including our colours and flavours, procured from the best brands. So if a little dough/clay goes in your child's mouth, or under their nails, you have nothing to worry about. 
That being said, Colour Dough is not meant for consumption. It is not meant to be eaten. As good as it smells, it has a high salt content and doesn't taste good anyway! Also, play dough can get dust and other small particles stuck to it during play which renders it unsafe for little children, or anyone really, to eat. 

3. What makes Colour Dough so different from regular, commercial play dough?
Colour Dough is handmade. It is lab-tested as being 100% food grade. It does not get dry and crumbly like commercial play dough. It smells really, really good! It has no toxins, no artificial chemicals or preservatives, no nasties at all. It stays soft for realllyyy long. (Yes, I see how that was unprofessionally written. But it does!)
Do we have you convinced yet?

4. What is the shelf life of Colour Dough?
This handmade play dough has been lab tested and has a minimum shelf life of 6 months. But truth be told, we have had customers who have used it for much longer. Some have used it for one year without any issues at all. 

5. What should I do if it dries out?
Colour Dough doesn't dry out when stored in the jars it comes in. That's a big reason we give it in great quality, recyclable PET containers and not cling film and other single use wrapping. (That, and the fact that we want to be environmentally conscious). However, if you leave it exposed to the air for a day or more, it probably will get dry. Add a few drops of water or 2-3 drops of coconut oil and knead it well to make your dough soft and pliable again. 

6. What can I do if the dough feels too sticky?
This can be an issue in warm/humid climates. If this happens, add plain flour/maida (half a teaspoon at a time) and knead well until you achieve the desired consistency. This may make the colour slightly duller, but the dough will still look good and smell lovely!